About Zaluli. Well, Michelle. 

My name's Michelle and I'm an Industrial Design Engineer with passion in experience and toy design. I'm currently learning programming, photography and digital arts as an autodidact. One of the latest and most enriching experiences in the last years has been working as a Technical Artist in the videogame industry.

I've always wanted to break away from the stereotype that states Industrial Design is just for the medical or high-tech industries. It can also be an expression of interactive beauty, an alternative tool to teach and slowly improve upon the conventional educational system. I want to change people's minds about this overly technical view they have of Industrial Design, and I believe experiences and games are a great way to combine the best of education and fine arts. This world englobes a lot of multidisciplinary professionals from whom I could learn about new innovations and different mindsets to further my goal.

One of my never ending life goals is to meet new people in the medium, who are loaded with adventures and stories to share (that's the most enriching experience of all). Also, I think right now there's a little misconception about Interaction Design, where people only recognize it as human-screen interaction. A museum or an open display can be a space where people become part of the exhibition and create their own interpretations of it, instead of thinking what they've been told to. I've met incredible people that has the same way of thinking about design; it's not only a technical tool but also a way to express feelings.

I love making adult minds reconnect with their inner child as well as looking at every detail in life through a designer's lens, because I believe in the holistic and playful nature of design.

What about this?

These are some of the coolest teams I've had the pleasure to work with (while learning a ton of stuff)!